We the Cathoic Community of Holy Rosary Parish under the patronage of Our Lady are called to be a caring outreaching church proclaiming and celebrating our faith with all who seek a relationship with Jesus Christ.
July 31, 2018


Business and Office Manager


Holy Rosary Cathedral parish is seeking a Business and Office Manager. This position will be responsible for managing and enhancing the day to day business operations of the Cathedral and performing new duties that will be developed as the role requires.


Position Description


Upon hire you will learn, operate, update and if necessary create the office administrative systems and business processes that are required for the smooth operation of the Cathedral office.


Additional duties will be assigned as you become familiar with the office systems. In particular, the duties of this position will evolve significantly over the first two years as the parish conducts a renewal of internal processes and facility needs and collaborates with the Archdiocese on the construction of the proposed new diocesan Pastoral Centre at the Cathedral.


The successful candidate will also show entrepreneurial leadership to help the parish enhance revenue from its existing non-pastoral operations.


Duties and Responsibilities


Operate and update the office administrative systems and processes as needed, which includes:

  • managing reception, telephones, mail, email
  • upgrading file and record management, including sacramental registers
  • preparation of the Sunday bulletin
  • handling bookings for funerals, weddings, the Cathedral hall and special events
  • preparing annual reports.


As you become familiar with these systems additional duties will be assigned. It is expected the duties of this position will be reviewed and adjusted to include the following:

  • review and update IT systems with assistance as required
  • manage financial controls with the assistance of the Finance Committee
  • manage employed and contracted staff
  • assume or assist with bookkeeping, accounting and tax receipts.


The parish has a number of revenue streams that require enhancing. The successful candidate will seek new opportunities to increase parish income from parking lot rentals and use of the church auditorium. You will work with current volunteers to boost income from advertisements in the bulletin.


Beginning in the fall of 2018, you will be expected to attend meetings of the new Cathedral Renewal Project Working Group. As part of this group you will learn and better understand the long term needs of the parish, and work to ensure that the decisions of that Working Group are implemented as the parish enters into a new operating relationship with the Archdiocese. It is expected you will provide leadership at the parish level by facilitating the consolidation of the parish office with the Archdiocesan office and acting as the parish's contact person during the construction of the new Pastoral Centre of the Archdiocese.


Your broad responsibility is ensuring that the parish's assets are used efficiently and effectively in meeting the parish’s mission.




It is critical that the successful candidate understand the role Holy Rosary serves as both a Catholic parish and the Cathedral parish of the Archdiocese of Regina. You must be dedicated to working toward the wellbeing of the parish under the direction of the Rector of the Cathedral.


You will be required to become familiar with and operate the office's computer systems.


You should be self-motivated, organized, and enthusiastic, with good oral and written communication skills and good interpersonal skills.


As this is a new position that will evolve over time, you should be entrepreneurial and able to adapt to change.




You will report to the Rector of the Cathedral on a day to day basis and to the Finance Council of the parish for direction, oversight and setting of longer term priorities.


Terms of Employment


This is a permanent full time position of up to forty hours per week. Some meetings you will be expected to attend may be outside normal business hours.


There will be a six month probationary period.


The annual salary will be subject to negotiation. You will be eligible for the group benefits plan of the Archdiocese. In accordance with policy you will be required to provide a criminal record check for working in a volunteer setting.



Please submit covering letter and resume to holyrosarycareers@hotmail.com.


Deadline: August 24, 2018.