We the Catholic Community of Holy Rosary Cathedral Parish under the Patronage of Our Lady are called to be a caring outreaching church proclaiming and celebrating our faith with all who seek a relationship with Christ.

Cathedral Music

With the ideals set out by Vatican II in mind, our goals for liturgical music are simple: to develop a musical offering to God which is fully integrated with the Word being proclaimed each Sunday, and which encourages the participation of all. We wish to demonstrate respect for our long musical tradition -- described by Vatican II as "a treasure of inestimable value" -- by singing plainchant and other works from the past. At the same time, we seek to introduce good new music written by skilled contemporary composers.

We rejoice in the range of music available to us, which reflects the variety of people among us: the young and the old, those with families and those without, the traditional and the informal, those with musical training and those without, the long-time parishioner and the newly-arrived.

Finally, we are conscious of our great privilege in being able to make music in the beautiful physical and sonic environment of this Cathedral church. We hope that those who come here will find their worship enhanced and deepened by our musical offerings. We also hope that some of you will be moved to join us in the ministry of music.